Tom Van Deusen
Comix & Illustration

Copyright 2016
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6.5x8.5, 28 pages, b/w guts, color covers

Tom is back with an even more ridiculous and perhaps disgusting display of humanity than ever before. Follow (the fictional) Tom as he alienates his family, gets wishes from a magical cat, behaves badly, puts out extremely offensive comics, and finally gets what's coming to him. Knee slappingly funny at a time in our history when we need to guffaw at idiocy.

"Tom Van Deusen’s The Big Me Book is an autobiographical comic about a fictionalized version of Van Deusen (or at least, with its Nazi jokes and its wild egomania and misogyny on display, one hopes it’s a fictionalized version). Nobody makes fun of unselfconscious self-aggrandizement quite like Van Deusen, and this comic — which includes a magical cat and a very funny visual gag about thought balloons — demonstrates a whole new level of cartooning ability."

- Paul Constant, The Seattle Review of Books