Tom Van Deusen
Comix & Illustration

Copyright 2016
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Tom Van Deusen's devious döppelganger is back in Eat Eat Eat! Originally serialized on Study Group Comics, Eat Eat Eat is available for the first time in its entirety in one beautiful, magazine-sized comic. This time around Tom tackles body issues, food addiction and alcoholism with his typical severe, cynical and humorous style. Drawn over the course of four years, Eat Eat Eat chronicles Van Deusen's progression as an artist, as he refines his drawing style drastically over the span of the book.

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"Van Deusen is a major new talent in contemporary comix. In the tradition of Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, and Chester Brown, his revealing characterizations are endearing in their honesty while repellant in their execution - a perfect balance of alluring and grotesque. Well rendered and wicked fun."
– Larry Reid, Fantagraphics Bookstore

"Tom Van Deusen's comics are really, really funny. He's one of the best. If he has a club I want in."
– Noah Van Sciver

25 b&w pages
full color cover